How to create a certificate signing request (CSR)

When I was developing my first app, I found signing it to be an immensely complicated procedure - especially for someone who had basically no experience on a Mac, so I'm going to document everything I did that it might be useful to others.

Unfortunately, creating a certificate signing request (CSR) file requires a Macbook/iMac. With that said, there are alternatives such as (MacInCloud)[] where you rent a Mac that you can remote into.


  1. Press ⌘ + Space to open the Spotlight Search

  2. Search for "keychain" to find the "Keychain Access" tool

    iOS spotlight search for keychain access

  3. In the "Keychain Access" -> "Certificate Assistant" click the "Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority" option

    iOS keychain access certificate assistant

  4. Your name an email address should be pre-filled, choose "Save to disk"

    iOS certificate assistant request a new certificate

  5. Click "Continue" and specify a destination for your file

  6. Press "Save" to save your .certSigningRequest file somewhere

And that's how to create a certificate signing request file! It's fairly obvious once you realise. I generally create one CSR file per project and create all of my certificates using it.

Sam L

18th August 2019 05:37