Bleet; the app where bloggers meet

Bleet - the app where bloggers meet

I'm the technical director (and only software developer) and co-founder of Bleet. Bleet is a social app for Bloggers to find other bloggers near them to collaborate with.

Built using PhoneGap, Bleet utilises push notifications, geolocation and a RESTful Laravel architecture to present users with the profiles of others users, based on their location.

Bleet registration page

Bleet login page

It allows users to log in/sign up, match with one another, message each other (and notifies them when this happens) and encourages relationships to grow.

Bleet continues to grow today and it's requirements are ever changing. It's on Google Play and the App Store right now.

You can see Bleet's website here and their app on Google Play and the App Store.

Sam L

17th October 2019 02:48