A few days with Huel, a food supplement

Last month, my company moved offices; putting me dangerously close to a Greggs. I imagine what came next is pretty easy to understand for most people. Before long I was taking morningly trips (and sometimes in the afternoon, too) to get bacon sandwiches and steak bakes.

So now, in an effort to get my weight under control, I've caved to pressures of Instagram advertising and decided to give Huel a try.

Huel is a powdered food supplement designed to contain 100% of the vitamins and minerals you require to stay healthy. It's nutritionally complete.

It's bland as fuck. But that's okay.

The powder I bought is labeled as vanilla, but to be honest only vaguely smells/tastes of vanilla. If you want something delicious, you're definitely going to want to mix in some coffee or milkshake powder or something.

A picture of Huel in it's branded bottle

With that said, after the first couple of meals, I got used to the flavour and texture and now quite look forward to it.

After you pour in the powder and vigorously shake it, you're left with a liquid about the consistency of milkshake. It can be difficult to mix thoroughly though. I found the best way was to turn the bottle (free with your first order) on it's side and shake it like a polaroid.

It's a bit early for me to speak of it's efficacy, but so far I've certainly noticed a small energy boost. Not to mention I feel full, so I'm less inclined to take a trip to Greggs.

The only downside I found was that in order to try the food I had to place a minimum order for £45 worth of food.

I'll update after a few weeks of continuously trying the food.

Sam L

18th August 2019 05:20


Food Health