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POLAR plus: The UK's EV Network

Electric vehicle chargepoints shown on the POLAR plus map on iPhone X

11th October 2018 13:06
At the time of writing, I am currently employed for Chargemaster; the UK's largest provider of electric vehicle chargers and the maintainer of the UK's largest electric vehicle charging network. My responsibilities at Chargemaster are various, but among them...

How to create a .pem certificate for sending push notifications

exporting the certificate and private key together

1st October 2018 13:00
When building an app, you'll probably want to be able to send your users push notifications. Push notifications are an excellent way to keep your users coming back to use your app. So long as they're not sent too often and they're relevant to your user they're...

How to create an iOS provisioning file

Logging in to Apple developers portal

26th September 2018 15:11
When you're building an iOS app, provisioning files are important for signing your apps so they can be used on certain devices. If you develop with PhoneGap, the PhoneGap build tool requires a provisioning file to sign your app. Here's how to do it. Head...

-ld: library not found for -lGoogleToolboxForMac error

24th September 2018 12:33
The problem When trying to build my PhoneGap app in xCode for testing on iOS experienced this error. -ld: library not found for -lGoogleToolboxForMac error I came across this link which explained that the error was fixed as of cordova-cli 7.0.0. The solution Insert...