Stunning apps for all devices and platforms

I start with understanding your requirements

Here are just some of the things I could build into an app for you


Allow your users to make payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay or plain old credit card input

Push Notifications

Automatically (say when a particular event occurs) or manually (through a control panel) send push notifications to your users


Keep track of your user's physical location or plot them on a map


Capture and store images provided by your users. Profile pictures, image galleries, whatever your need them for


Accept registrations or put your app behind a login wall

Social Sharing

Allow your users to be able to share content from your app to third-party apps, such as Twitter and Facebook

Barcode Scanner

Great for tickets - you can transfer large amounts of data and avoid human error using a barcode scanner.

I then develop

Some projects can be developed from a distance and some require more involvement. I'm happy to come on-site and work closely with your team.

Deploy your app to

App Store

Google Play

Windows Store

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