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Hi, I'm Sam

I make apps and websites. Perhaps yours?

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Your web presence is very important. It's usually how other businesses approach your company. I can help convert people browsing your site into people buying from you.

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Bespoke Systems

Businesses run effectively and efficiently with bespoke software. Your software could handle users. It could handle events. It could handle products. These features amplify when you throw in push notifications, geolocation and automated tweets. To name a few. I build powerful, bespoke software that'll help your business thrive.

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Mobile Apps

Attractive and efficient iOS & Android apps make your business accessible to everybody. People prefer a well-designed app to a website -- it increases sales and customer retention.

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About me and my work

I'm experienced

I've designed, built and deployed all kinds of apps. It starts with a design that's fit for purpose. I then develop with efficiency and best practices in mind. Finally, your project reviewed and deployed. I've experienced in every step of the process.

I'm affordable

I keep my overheads low. I use free and open-source tools and software where I can. I don't usually have to pay anyone else (I'm a full-stack developer). This keeps the price down for you.

I'm safe

I use licensed software. I use royalty-free or paid-for, licensed images. I work by a contract designed to your requirements and have relevant insurances. You're protected and I'm protected until the job is complete.


POLAR plus: The UK's EV Network

Electric vehicle chargepoints shown on the POLAR plus map on iPhone X

At the time of writing, I am currently employed for Chargemaster; the UK's largest provider of electric vehicle chargers and the maintainer of the UK's largest electric vehicle charging network. My responsibilities at Chargemaster are various, but among them... read more